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Recommended Theory Publications

The Official Highway Code 2007 Edition Book

Author: Department for Transport (DfT) - Driving Standards Agency (DSA)

Publisher: TSO (The Stationery Office)


Know Your Traffic Signs Book

Author: Department for Transport

Publisher: TSO (The Stationery Office)



The Official DSA Guide to Driving - the essential skills


Author: Driving Standards Agency (DSA)


Publisher: TSO (The Stationery Office)



Driving Test Success


DVD Rom for PC

New 2009/10 Edition

Highly Recommended

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Contains EVERY question and answer from the entire OFFICIAL DSA Theory Test Question Bank, valid until 2010, with over 1,200 questions for learner car drivers and motorcyclists. NEW - Practice the OFFICIAL DSA Case Study-style sample question and additional interactive examples to prepare you for the new style Theory Test that came into effect on the 28th September 2009* NEW – Passed the new pre-driver qualification in safe road use? Customise your test using the new feature that allows you to revise for the your abridged Theory Test* Sit UNLIMITED mock tests with different questions every time. Essential advice and detailed video tutorial for the Theory Test. View hints for each question and detailed explanations of every answer. Monitor your progress to make sure you’ve covered all questions. Customise your questions from 17 OFFICIAL DSA categories. Practice questions based on their level of difficulty. Over 20 carefully designed mock theory tests. Practice a mock test focusing on your weakest questions. Printable exam papers allow you to revise away from the computer.†† Professional voiceover for all questions and answers. Practice OFFICIAL road sign questions. Download OFFICIAL DSA Theory Test audio questions and answers, complete with professional voiceover, onto your iPod® or other portable media player. Printable Theory Test question book to revise away from the computer The latest OFFICIAL DSA Theory Test Question Bank for ADIs, plus progress monitor for ALL pupils.


Pass Your Hazard Perception Test Improve your skills and pass with confidence! Get the best possible practice for the Hazard Perception part of your Theory test using hundreds of interactive video clips that accurately simulate the test. ALL TESTS teaches you how to recognise potential dangers in a wide variety of different hazard situations, giving you invaluable “road sense.” Hundreds of interactive video clips shot from outside the car just like the real test. Watch the 10 OFFICIAL DSA sample clips and test introduction video. 70 bonus video clips shot from inside the car, to prepare you for actual driving with real distractions. Review each video clip to see where the hazard began and where the maximum score could have been achieved. Create virtually unlimited mock tests to prepare you for the exam. 15 carefully designed pre-set mock test simulations. Exam Hints and Tips to maximise your chance of passing the test. Monitor your progress to see if you are ready for your exam.


Pass Your Practical Test Safely revise essential driving skills and Manoeuvres! With over 60 video lessons you can revise and refresh the essential driving skills taught to you by your Approved Driving Instructor, before and after lessons. Includes Practical Driving Test routes for every test centre in the UK! Plus! Mock Practical Test shows you what to expect on the big day! Pre-drive safety checks. MSM and POM routines. Use of mirrors. Moving off at different angles. Stopping safely. Roundabouts, crossroads, junctions and one-way streets. Responding to road signs and markings. Four reverse manoeuvres. Controlled emergency stop. Encountering various hazards and pedestrian crossings. Driving in poor weather conditions. Joining and exiting dual-carriageways. Motorway driving. Applying the Two Second Rule. Printable forms for ADIs, including Progress Record, Diary, Mock test and Show Me, Tell Me forms.


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